Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Scent Of A Woman

My sissy friend, Kaaren, has set off a dialogue about the lure of the unique sexual aroma of women and its draw to sissies.  See her post "Ready To Wear."  

Another of my besties, Dee of "Dee-lusions of Grandeur" fame, commenting on Kaaren's post, writes, "Always wondered about that whether the sense of smell is a big thing in determining if you are a sissy or not.I don't particularly have a fondness for the smell of sex or arousal. I don't necessarily mind it, but it certainly isn't a deal-breaker or turn-on either way. It seems to be a big thing for most of the sissies that are friends with me online. Anyone else care to weigh in on this?"

In reply, Kaaren wrote, "Many of us grew up wearing "borrowed" panties! And the easiest place to borrow from was the laundry hamper. The scent of womanhood became part of our lives very early! I believe it was part of what males me what I am.  Scent is a very powerful trigger and my wife's scent is something that triggers so much in me! Love, sex, submission...and so on!  That's how I experience it....others may differ....I'd be curious to hear too!"

So I'll admit it.  I am drawn to the scent of a woman.  Very drawn.  Very, very drawn.  And I must say that I think sweet Kaaren has a point.  After I've pleasured my cheerleader I am never in a hurry to "wash up," for the simple reason that I don't want to lose her scent.  Like Dee, I'd love to hear the thoughts of others on this most intimate subject.  What say you girls?


  1. Normally I wouldn't post anonymously, but -
    I agree that scent is part of how we remember memories. I believe it's been proven that the scents we recall have an emotional component - IE, you smell cookies, you think of Grandma, to use the cliché.

    Only in my case? It's the OPPOSITE in a sense.
    I smell my woman, and I'm turned OFF - when I'm not taking some sort of estrogen.
    More recently, though - I was using progesterone for myself, no other supplementation of any sort.

    SHE REAKED!!! And, more importantly? SO DID I. Stench of man, if you will. I recall the acrid smell from my youth, now that I think about it - from working in the yard with my father. (As an aside, I didn't like my father much, for various reasons; I believe most men have that sort of relationship with their fathers, especially these days, with the world turned upside-down and inside out. )

    On the other hand: I LOVED the smell of my ex-girlfriend.

    And to top it off? Never went to the laundry hamper - I just learned what a woman smells like, when she's not toxic... When she is feminine. And I love being feminine, I love feminine women, I just can't let go of being physically strong, too. :-)

    Must be certain chemicals for me, which means certain scents as well...

    1. Wow! Very interesting take on scent. Thank you for sharing...

  2. Glad we got a response. Let's keep 'em coming!