Friday, March 27, 2015

Training A Sissy Takes Patience


  1. i suppose it does. And the training really never ends.

    But there are somethings that are easier to get the sissy to do than others. This might be one of them.


    sissy terri

  2. I love being trained. I learn something every day!

    baby karen

  3. Is that the command "Come!" ?

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  5. Recently I had a TS Lady do something very similar to me. She had me strip naked, the. She put a leather collar and cuffs on me. She then hugged me, kissed me on the cheek, ran her tongue in my ear and said, "Oh puppy, we're going to have a real good time!"

    Then she pushed down on my shoulders, and had me kiss her body all the way down to her feet. She was wearing stocking, bra and panties so I was kissing through her lingerie.

    When i was on my hands and knees kissing her feet, she backed away tugged my chain and had me crawl to her bed. She sat on the bed, pulled her panties aside, took out her soft cock, and ordered me to "Suck her off!"

    No fore play, no warm up, no nothing, just simply suck her cock! She said, "get me good and hard, so I can fuck your ass, bitch!"

    I did, she did, and when she was ready to cum, she pulled out of me, whipped off her condom, shoved her cock in my mouth and said "Swallow!"

    It was so Damn sexy!


  6. I'm sure they already know the word, "heel" but in a bit of a different context!