Friday, May 27, 2016

"Easy Girl. Easssy."

Measuring his mark. Sissy’s first time. She’ll be bucking like a brood mare in no time. Her wife will be so proud of her.


  1. Great caption. Leeanne. I remember my first time with a friend of my wife. He was teasing my sissy hole and yes I kept backing up against him. He told me to slow down. I looked at my wife and she had this big smile on her face. He held my hips still and continued rubbing his cock against my hole. Then he started the slow push against my hole and I lost it. I was so exited my little clitty came and I realized he was inside me. I couldn't get my legs opened wide enough for him begging him to cum inside me.

  2. a me basta che la mia mogliettina mi aiuti a prendere il suo grosso amante piano piano con delicatezza ed amore e poi una volta dentro con la grossa cappella incastrata tra la mia aureola anale lei mi insalivi bene mentre l'uomo mi apra il culo come una figa vogliosa !!! baci baci baci