Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Introduction

When my wife told her date about her sissy husband, he expressed concerns about accepting the situation. He looks like he’s a believer now.


  1. It's amazing how fast they accept the situation once you've got their cock in your mouth!!!!


  2. Somehow the wives are able to convince the bulls. Amazing how that happens.


  3. i believe they also enjoy the power they have, the feeling of superiority over a cuckold male.

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  5. finalmente ora di questi tempi è più facile trovare un uomo che va voglia di condividere il letto con me e mia moglie senza fare troppe storie...lui dice sempre due bocche son meglio di una...due culi belli son meglio di uno solo...lui non va per il sottile...anzi è bello robusto tra le gambe !!! baci baci baci

  6. Great post Leeanne. I love all the comments also as they are spot on. There is a little hesitation from my wife's lovers at first but, as I stand in front of them dressed, my wife somehow assures them they will enjoy my sucking abilities.