Friday, September 15, 2017


At first the neighbors talked.  A lot. “What was going on at the Nelson’s? That isn’t Mrs. Nelson dressed in those sexy outfits doing chores around the yard!”  Finally, one day, Mary Nelson shared with a friend at work who happened to know one of the Nelson’s neighbors.  Then the talk really started.  “Can you believe how feminine he looks?  It’s uncanny!”  But the funny thing about it was that the other men in the neighborhood seemed to spend more time working in their yards too, just to catch a glimpse of the pretty sissy living in the yellow house on the corner.


  1. So that mean, you're out now in the green yard Sissy? Must be a bomb shell in the neighbourhood. Fantasy or true Leanne?

  2. I can only imagine what the gossip must be like in Leeanne's neighborhood :p

  3. We have to step outside sometime. We do want that