Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Test

Sissy’s wife insisted.  Sissy’s feminization training had all taken place within the privacy of her and her wife’s home.  But her wife told sissy that she had to demonstrate her complete commitment to their lifestyle, and her submission to her wife, and this was the test.  Sissy’s wife held a special invitation "Art" party during which sissy was placed on display within this clear plexiglass cage where she was to demonstrate her desire to suck cock for all guests to witness - “a living work of erotic art” her wife called it.   “To make it easier for her,” as her wife put it, sissy was blindfolded so she would not have to see the guests watching her.  However, there was another reason her wife blindfolded her sissy.  After the party she intended to tease her sissy about who were among the guests, leaving sissy to wonder who in her life was now privy to her complete feminization and submission.