Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Introduction

When sissy’s wife introduces her new boyfriend, sissy realizes quite graphically that her wife will never look at her sissy husband the same.


  1. Dear Sissy Leeanne,
    I'm remembering there was an entry in your story that you had agreed to answer all the questions people will ask you in your blog.

    So I will start with the first part of questions:

    - How many Sissy-shoes do you have?
    - Do you change your clothes after work immediately at
    home into your Sissy-clothes
    - How many days in a row do you spent fully dressed as
    a sissy?
    - Do buy your sissy things now completely on your own?
    - Which nail polish color do you prefer?
    - How many maid uniforms do have in your locker?
    - Which is your prefered breast size as a sissy?
    - Do you have more sissy clothes as male clothes?
    - Do you spent time outside as a sissy (except the time
    a the trip?)

    I hope some of the readers will add more questions for you to answer. I think it will give more to you as only post something and get a small response to it. It was a wonderful blog and we hope it will be wonderful again.

    Kisses Lady Sonja

  2. Lovely caring questions. We have formed an affection for ou.

    And isn't that a gorgeous cock!

  3. Second round:

    - How many cocks did you suck til know?
    - How many black cock's did you suck?
    - How long your are locked in chastity?
    - For how many days was your last orgasm?

    Lady Sonja