Friday, July 27, 2012

The Monthly Pajama Party

This was now a monthly event.  Right after my wife feminized me, she convinced her sister that she needed to do the same to her husband.  Then, just for laughs, they would make the two of us have sissy sex together, and sometimes, even, make us do each of their boyfriends.  Slowly, the word of our sissy exploits spread among their friends.  Now, once a month, my wife and her sister host a pajama party for their girlfriends, sometimes inviting men to provide sexual services.  But mostly, it’s so they can watch and tease their sissy hubbies as they make us do each other, and any man they invite.


  1. Omg! How humiliating....! :O
    And love how all the Women are in the back of the pic, giggling and enjoying the show...
    Hug, Sara

  2. Nice pic. Even nicer story :) Seems like you found your paradise, Leeanne! Am happy for you.