Thursday, January 10, 2013

Leeanne Vanity Walk, by DeMentia

I have just received one of the biggest honors of my brief time blogging on sissy and tg themes.  DeMentia, mistress of her own magnificent tg captioning blog, 'Dee'lusions of Grandeur, just posted a caption featuring me.  And boy does she get me!  I love it, so I hope everyone will go check it out at Dee's blog.  You can find it by following the link to her blog.  Meanwhile, here's a little token of my sissy appreciation for Dee.


  1. yay for you! love the gif too

  2. Thanks sweetie!

    and only ONE comment here? All your sissy friends must be sitting on their hands ... OR something else apparently .. though I don't hear any squeeling!

    1. Waiting for their Sissy Apreciation blowjob, etc. whatever? I know! I'm sooooo busy!!! But you had to have one!