Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 123 - For Lola Mahou

Lola Mahou is a pansexual transvestite who wants to explore the more feminine side of herself and share it with the world.  She has two blogs that she maintains, one she calls her "clean blog," called "The Life of Lola," and another she calls her "kinky blog," called, appropriately, "Kinky Lola."  Does this evoke the obvious reference to the song "Lola," by the Kinks, for others as it does for me?  Give it a listen, as it is a song about a transvestite.  Given that Lola Mahou appears to be from the United Kingdom, she certainly gets it.  So, enough of this chatter.  What Lola wants I know is a proper thank you for following my sissy blog.  And Lola gets what Lola wants.
 I hope Lola is pleased to have shared that nice cock with me.  There really isn't anything like two sissies sharing a juicy cock.  Don't you agree sweet Lola dear?  Thanks!


  1. MMMMMMMM Hot damn! That looks like a whole lotta fun hehe! Thanks for the recognition Leeanne I'm very grateful :) Your blog is pretty darned awesome, well done! I'm gonna get back to nomming now....wouldn't want to neglect my duties ;)