Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Decisions, Decisions! Which Dress Shall Sissy Choose To Serve This Evenings' Dinner Party?


  1. Why not just ditch the party and roll around under the sheets with me!!!
    I woke up sooooo horny!!!!!
    The first person to ring my doorbell today is in for quire a surprise!!!!!

    Go for the black dress sweetheart, with your long brunette hair falling over the white ruffled collar and sleeves I think you'd look cute enough to eat! As if you didn't always look cute enough to eat!!!!

    Kisses from your friendly sissy in heat!!!!

    1. Yeah! I agree. Black. Nice proposition. But I don't think my cheerleader would approve.

  2. But a sissy choice to be sure. Yes i will be dressed as i serve this evening. And now the feminine choices we love - what shall i wear to look as pretty as i possibly can? My lingerie just right. What colors and accessories? i do want Mistress to be proud of me.

  3. Tiny little feet, delicate little hands and wrists, and butt cheeks like two 'superballs'! Looks more like a drawing of a freshly cut flower really. Sorry darling, that's the artist in me coming thru. Lovely illustration.

    lill jo