Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sissy Kaaren Made A Wish


  1. Well considering that you're granting wishes let's see how this one goes!
    I'm wishing really hard but you're still not here next to me! Oh well I'll have to keep trying.....

  2. You girls are gonna be in so much trouble when Mr Sharp walks in. He grabs each of you by an ear and marches you to separate corners of the room both with panties round snkles. Then he takes off his belt ... (and *no* he doesn't take his pants off also. Naughty gurls.)

    Hmm... I need to draw this :)

    1. Oh Jo! Would you ? I would so love that!! I'm certain Kaaren would too. Pretty please? Kiss kiss, Leeanne

    2. Oh... alright darling. Just for you gurls. It might take a day or two though.
      Kisses. Jo.