Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Blindfold Always Added To The Mystery When Sissy's Wife Brought One Of Her Men Home To Have His Way With Her

She never knew who it was.  Was it one of her friends?  A workmate?  Brother?  
And sissy's wife always used that doubt to her advantage in the aftermath.


  1. could have been me...hehehehe!!!

    Sweet Sissy Kisses

  2. I once had a girlfriend who would dress me up, blindfold me, tie me to the bed and close the bedroom door. Her friends would come over, both men and women. I could hear them talking and partying in the other room. From time to time, i'd hear the door open and hear laughter and nasty comments. Sometimes i'd be spanked, sometimes i'd just feel hands on me, rubbing, pulling, poking and penetrating me in wonderful ways. Once a cock was put in my mouth. Several times i'd lick pussies and asses that were pushed into my face. After that, when friends would visit, i'd be so humiliated and nervous because I never would know which ones had seen or visited me while I was all sissified. I miss this girlfriend!