Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Is My Hero

I don’t care what anyone says.  What this amazing person has done is beyond courage.  I have lived with my feminine feelings buried deep from public view my entire life, just as she has.  I am fortunate that my loving wife permits me an outlet, but to be able to do what Caitlyn has done is beyond my imagination.  I know I’ll never do the same, but I take great comfort in knowing that someone out there is courageous enough to make such a powerful public stand on transitioning to her true sexual identity.


  1. So true Leeanne, but I have to say if I only looked half as beautiful as Caitlyn I'd be out in public for ever

  2. Leanne, you speak for so many of us who have lived with these feminine desires inside of us since we were very young. It takes so much courage for someone to do what Caitlyn did, courage that many of don't have or never have the opportunity to do anything about. I too am so very fortunate that my beautiful wife allows my fem side, but to do what Caitlyn is such an inspiration to all of us sissies.

    Thanks for such a great and beautifully written post...as always :)


  3. First- not to take away from her change, keep in mind what money and celebrity can do ! If we had her money and could profit financially as she will, it would be a hell of a lot easier to go MTF.

    And we all know we all can look fantastic in a photo! If you don't think she has been photoshopped to perfection, like most covers, then you are living a fantasy.

    1. Perhaps. Still, I can only admire her for following her dream.