Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Evening Greeting

After a long day at work, your wife’s boyfriend arrives home early, before her.  You have been cleaning the house all day to make sure that everything is in the proper order, just the way you know he likes it, so that he’ll be in the right frame of mind to please your wife.  Immediately you can sense that he has something on his mind.  Then, with a single movement, he reveals to you what he wants.  
You fall to your knees, as you’ve been trained to do, and the rest is performed flawlessly, just as your wife taught you through days and days of feminization training.
There is no part of you that does not belong to him sissy.
You see sissies, when a man's work day is through, he needs special attention.  But a sissy's work is never done.  Hopefully, if you've done your job properly, your wife will be the beneficiary when she arrives home from her hard day at work.

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