Monday, June 22, 2015

The Elevator

Sissy had finished her first day working as a secretary in her wife’s law firm.  She had been told by her wife that there might be, extra duties, expected of her from some of the partners.  During her first day, when she’d been summoned into some of the partners’ offices to be given assignments, sissy was prepared, if not anxious, for the powerful mens’ requests for “special services.”  Oddly, they’d all treated her with courtesy and a great deal of respect - very professionally and even with compassion - like they understood her role and how difficult it must be to be the sissy husband to a powerful female attorney, such as her wife.
The day had been a busy one, settling in to her new job.  The other secretaries had seemed wary of her.  And her feet!  Oh God her feet!  Walking around all day, squatting to open file cabinets and all, in six inch heels?  She was ready to go home and crash for a while, excited to talk about her first day with her wife, and how no one had mistreated her.
As sissy stepped onto the elevator, one of the male partners stepped in behind her.  He smiled at her.  Then, another entered.  Then another. Then another.  All just smiled as one pressed a button to send the elevator down.  After a brief drop, the elevator suddenly lurched to a stop.  Apparently, the elevator was private to the firm.  And then, sissy began to understand as the men moved in closer to her.  Indeed, “special services” were expected, and it began right then.  More squatting in those damned heels!

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  1. I imagine they'll find lots of reasons to keep Sissy going from floor to floor