Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Morning Surprise

Sissy was just finishing making the bed in the bedroom she usually shared with her wife. The boyfriend who displaced sissy the previous night found her there when he finished showering. Something must have gotten into his brain, because something sure was getting into sissy now.


  1. Mmm, it's worth making the bed twice for that!

  2. Red balls, green spikes, festive tree, shiny lights - Tropical punch, emerald jello, regal boss becomes jolly fellow - Crimson lipstick, sequined frock, blonde secretary sucking cock........ Scarlet sunrise, shimmering landscape, grey pinstripes still agape - Red of eye, green of gill, you ponder last night's thrill
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  3. What a lucky sissy, great way to start her day

  4. Leeanne, wish I was there to take care of your cute little ass when I he finished! I'd GENLTY, kiss and lick your tired sore ass; until it felt better and was completely clean.

    That is the advantage of a sissy having her own subbie. Another is if you weren't satisfied when he finished fucking you, your subbie would suck you 'to il you cum!

    All tgirls and sissies, should have their own subbies!