Thursday, July 14, 2016


I've been granted one.  Honestly, this past week has been emotionally draining beyond description.  I find myself unable to communicate thoughts and feelings.  I asked my cheerleader if I could delay reporting the rest of the details of this past weekend with her and her quarterback.  She checked with him and he agreed to give me some down time.  But I will return and post soon.  Kisses to all who have offered their encouragement to me.  I love you all.


  1. Poor you Leeanne darling - I understand totally. Hope Cheerleader is being loving and supportive.

    One piece of advice for future regular blogging -
    be sure to blog about your "normal" life with Cheerleader - your happy marriage, and also blog when other lovers come to stay or just visit. Its important that Tom knows his REAL place in the life of cheerleader - Hes NOT only lover, or real love of her life.

    Look forward to next blog darling.

    LOve always

    Tanya xxxxx

  2. Tanya this is the point. Like Andrea said: The cheerleader has the responsibility to meet with more than one man, to full fill her needs. Otherwise it will be switch emotionally in a direction that nobody want and the relationship will maybe get harmed. But I'm positive that all sites know their part in this very hot ride.


    1. Thats exactly what I'm saying Sonja.
      Just want Tom to read about it !! He'll know his place then.

      Kisses Tanya xxxx

  3. tesoro ti mando tanti affettuosi baci baci baci e non vedo l'ora di poterti leggere ed apprezzare !!! baci baci baci

  4. Anonymous is correct. Tome needs to know that Cheerleader has other lovers and that his place is NOT to be in charge of your relationship with Cheerleader. He sounds like an A__H---! He just wants to be a control freak, but your Mistress,i.e., Cheerleader is the one that controls you and the two of you, Sissy and Cheerleader, control your relationship. If Tom is placed into that relationship as anything other than just one of Cheerleader's lovers, that can lead to a very bad ending. Cheerleader needs to let him know what is place is and what it is NOT!!


  5. All I have is open arms sweetie....hugs and a shoulder to cry on....ears are open and if you want to tell how you feel about all this I'm ready to listen....
    I'm so worried about you.....
    Love You

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  11. Leann, not sure why so many of the comments appear to have come from a total idiot, but I for one am eagerly awaiting the details of your week-end! Please! Share!!!