Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Which One Is The Sissy?


  1. HI Leeanne darling,
    Its nice you are at least blogging again - even if even its harmless pictures/captions.
    That weekend with Cheerleader and Tom was obviously stressful and emotional - I note you have not replied to any comments - so unlike you, but understandable.

    I wonder how cheerleader has changed since your silver wedding. Does she genuinely still love you ??? I understand her need for a real man and you have coped well with her various lovers. However Tom is different as he is her ex. Although I understood her wanting to try sex with him again, I think it may have gone too far.

    If she really loves you, as I think she does, she should get rid of this dreadful man once and for all. There are plenty of alpha males out there for her to play with, without hurting you in the way you have been.

    LOve always Tanya xxxx

  2. io non so chi è la sissy tra queste magnifiche belle ballerine io vorrei immedesimarmi in quella con i capelli rossi in prima fila !!! super sexy super bella !!! grazie amore baci baci baci

  3. i'm the one. The blond. Second from the left.


    sissy terri