Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas Shopping Visit Summary

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Years from now I believe I may look back upon the Christmas shopping week quarterback spent with my cheerleader and me as one of the most important weeks of my life.  I can't speak for my cheerleader or her quarterback, but for me, there was a significant shift in how I see myself as my cheerleader's husband, as the sissy husband who serves her and her men, and as a sissy generally.  And it all began in the moment when quarterback walked up behind me in the kitchen, alone, and his cock softly nudged up against my butt.  The intimacy of that touch, followed shortly thereafter by him whispering in my ear and then kissing me on my cheek, changed everything for me as to him.  As to my cheerleader.  As to myself. 
The day following what I will refer to as the "bath incident," my cheerleader and her quarterback slept late, so I was dressed and gone to work before they began their day.  I heard nothing from either of them all day.  I arrived home from work to find a dark and quiet residence.  No one was home.  I sent a text to my cheerleader letting her know I was home and asking when they might be home, but did not receive a reply.  I went upstairs to shower and change.  Because quarterback had taken over my place in our bedroom for the week, I went directly to the guest room where I stayed when my cheerleader had a man visiting.  Lying on the bed was a package wrapped in a pretty pink bow.  When I opened it I found a dainty light blue lace babydoll and a royal blue lace panty and bra set.  Another gift to me, which I assumed was intended for me to wear that night for them.
When I returned to my room after showering there was a text message waiting for me from quarterback.  "We won't be home for dinner sissy.  Will check in later."  Nothing else.  No information about where they were or what they were doing.  And no reply from my cheerleader to my earlier text message to her.  I'm going to share something with everyone that struck me as revelatory the moment I felt it and then realized what I'd felt.  The message from quarterback?  The way he spoke so easily to me and called me "sissy?"  It felt intimate.  Like he and I shared a special bond.  The man who controls the woman who controls me, and by extension, he controls me too.  And I felt at peace with his role, as to her.  As to me.  My role?  Submit.  Be submissive.  Care for them and their relationship.  Do what a sissy cuckold should do for her wife and her man, whoever she chose to be with at the time. 
I put on my new intimate apparel that they'd bought me and went downstairs to prepare dinner for myself.  I figured they had been out shopping all day and were eating dinner out before coming home.  I imagined what it would be like for me when they arrived home, exhausted from their busy day shopping, each of them fully dressed while I, dressed in my pretty new babydoll, would be exposed as the sissy in the relationship.  After dinner I curled up on our couch to watch television and wait for them to return home, probably loaded with packages.  Around 9 o'clock my iPhone chimed with a text message from quarterback.  "Are you in bed yet sissy?"  I replied, "No."  Within a few seconds he replied back, "Go to bed.  Now."  The tone of his text was unmistakably an order.  I replied, "Yes sir," and immediately after sending it I worried how he might react to me addressing him so.  Seconds later I got my answer.  "Good girl."
I turned off the television and went upstairs, brushed my teeth, and crawled into bed.  Needless to say, my curiosity was running a bit unfettered at that point, wondering when they would be home.  I tried to read from a book I had going, but really couldn't focus on the words because I wondered what they were doing out together.  After about 15 minutes, my iPhone rang.  It wasn’t just any ring either.  All of my callers have their own special ring tone.  No.  This was that ring reserved for FaceTime.   Quarterback was FaceTiming me.   I answered my phone, the anxiety of what I'd see on the other side rocketing before an image appeared.  What I saw was quarterback lying in a bed, no shirt on, smiling at me.  "Hi sissy!" he greeted me in a jovial tone.  "I see you're wearing your new nightgown.  Do you like it?" he asked.  "Yes," I answered.  The bed he was in looked to be a heavy antique bed, and the room had the appearance of an old high ceilinged room, like in an old house.  And it turned out that it was.  As he began telling me about their day (and my cheerleader was nowhere to be seen at this point) I learned that their "shopping trip" that day had devolved into a tour of a few wineries in the western part of Virginia and one thing had led to another and they ended up checking in to a historic western Virginia Inn for the night.  They were not coming home.   When I asked him where my cheerleader was he flashed a sly grin and said, "Well, that's why I'm calling you sissy.  We have a goodnight surprise for you."  "Oh?" I replied.  "Yes."  As he said 'yes' the screen of the phone flipped from him to show the rest of the spacious room they occupied.  Quarterback called out, "Okay babe!" and then, from a doorway I assumed was the bathroom, out stepped my cheerleader.  She was smiling at me (at least it seemed she was smiling at me - she may have really been smiling at her quarterback, since he was holding the phone and seeing what I was seeing) as she walked slowly into the room wearing a sheer black gown.  Beneath the gown her long legs were sheathed in black stockings and she wore black high heels.  She paused, did a little turn, and then as she turned around she let her new coat (I'd never seen it before) open to reveal a black panty, bra and garter set beneath.  She began to slowly sway as she teased revealing herself to her quarterback while I watched helpless in my bed at home dressed like a sissy in a babydoll nightie that was purchased for me by my wife's ex-husband.  The power dynamic at play was not lost on me.  As she swayed and danced around the room, she continued to smile seductively and look our way, by which time I was certain she was actually performing for both of us.  The two of them had, no doubt, planned this little show for me to observe.  But her performance was for her quarterback also.  After a few minutes, she tossed the black gown to the side and then did a little dance while she sexily removed her bra.  
Then, still swaying her body around in a most provocative manner, she began massaging her breasts, squeezing them as if turning herself on by doing so, her hips rocking and rolling all around as she did so.  Finally, she reached down and began to slide her panties off and let them drop to the floor at her feet and then she grabbed them and carelessly tossed them aside as she began walking closer to her quarterback lying on the bed, her eyes locked on his as if to say, 'I'm coming to get you baby.'  As she got closer to him, quarterback shifted his phone so that she remained the focus of the screen until she crawled onto the foot of the bed and then, suddenly, in the frame was the evidence I did not need to reveal that quarterback was already completely naked.  My cheerleader's face was in direct line with his huge, rock hard cock.  And it was from that perspective that quarterback and I watched my cheerleader give him one of the most incredibly erotic and porn-worthy blowjobs I had ever seen given by a woman to a man, complete with all of the sort of sexy talk a real man would love to hear from a woman as she worshipped his dick.
As she kneeled between her quarterback's thighs, her luscious and full breasts dangling and swaying beneath her, she took his thick hard cock in both of her hands and began stroking him.  Quarterback was holding his iPhone so that my cheerleader's face and his cock were directly in front of my eyes.  She looked right at me and said, "Oh sissy!  His cock feels sooo good.  So good!"  She then began licking and sucking his cockhead while she masturbated him with both hands.  Honestly, I was mesmerized from the very beginning.  The two of them knew what they were doing to me.  Making me watch my wife suck off her ex-husband while I lay alone in my bed dressed in lingerie he'd bought me.  She methodically worked him over good, sucking him deep into her mouth, then bending low and sucking his balls while she rubbed his cock, now coated with her saliva, all over her face, vocalizing how much she loved his cock whenever her mouth briefly lost contact with him, and moaning and groaning in her sweet feminine tones when he was filling her mouth.  She went on like that for a good ten minutes and then quarterback growled, "Oh yeah!  Babe!  Get ready babe!  Get ready!"  And within seconds I could see the first pulse as he shot a load into her mouth.  Then she pulled back and his massive cock broke free of her lips, a thick strand of sperm attached to her mouth as she began jacking him off and aiming his cum all over her face.  He fired several huge loads all over her, covering her face with sperm, my cheerleader encouraging him to give her more and announcing to me how much she loved his cock.  When he slowed and it was over, she leaned in and rubbed his cock all over her face, spreading his fresh thick cum everywhere, then wiping her face with her fingers and sucking them clean.  She then took him back into her mouth and sucked him some more.  
Finally, she stopped and looked at me.  She said, "Mmmmm.  Did you like that sissy?"  I was speechless.  Truly.   She looked at me while she held her quarterback's sperm covered cock against her cheek, "Look at him baby.  He's still hard."  Then, getting up on her knees, she crawled onto him and held his cock firmly against her glistening wet slit and rubbed his thick head back and forth.  "Watch sissy," she said as she slowly sank down onto him, her pussy spreading wide as she swallowed him inside of her, inch by thick hard inch, moaning "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God" as she took all of him.  At that point quarterback turned the phone back to his face and said, "It's time for bed now sissy. And by 'time for bed,' I mean, it's time for me to fuck your wife.  Goodnight."  And he hung up, just like that, leaving me alone in my bed having just watched my cheerleader give her quarterback an incredible blowjob and then fill her pussy with his massive cock.
How can I begin to describe how I was feeling in that moment?  I had just seen, from as close a perspective as possible without actually being right there, my cheerleader give her quarterback everything she could give him.  First, she had performed a sexy striptease, then the most incredible blowjob I’d seen her give to anyone, complete with every conceivable way to tell her quarterback how much she loved and worshipped his cock.  And to cap it all off, as I was attempting to process what I’d been given a front row seat to watch, she slowly took his still hard cock inside of her wet pussy and then ‘Bang!’, it was over.  I was alone in my bed, in our quiet dark house, but knowing that in a really nice historic Inn somewhere in Virginia, my cheerleader was being fucked by her ex-husband.  And I was lying alone in chastity, completely turned on that it was happening.  And that is what I did.  I lied there in my bed, alone, reliving the scene that I’d just watched, rehearing my cheerleader moan and groan and tell her quarterback how much she loved his cock. 
And yes, I admit it.  I wished I could have sucked him off too.  He truly does have an amazing cock.  It isn’t just the size, although he is very big and very thick.  It is the way he carries it.  I don’t know if I can explain what I’m trying to say.  It’s like he knows intuitively that he has that something special that a woman, once she’s had it, can never forget she’s had and will always, just like my cheerleader, want more of.  And just like on this evening, even after my cheerleader made him cum oceans of sperm, he was still hard and ready to give her more.  I mean, how could she not love that?  Even I could see it.
I don’t remember how long I’d been lying in bed thinking of the blowjob when my iPhone chimed again.  It was a text message from quarterback.  “I don’t know if you remember sissy.  But your wife is a great fuck.  Goodnight.”  His text did not invite a reply.  No.  It was conveying a different message to me.  It was a message I already understood, in my subconscious if not my conscious mind - wife belonged to him, at least whenever he was around.  I was her sissy husband.  But, as between a woman and a man, she was his.  And, in a very real way, now I was his too.  It was this shift in my thinking that crystallized for me during the week of quarterback’s visit while shopping for Christmas.  I know many readers of my sissy journey will express concern for me.  Please don’t.  I am at peace with this.  If anything, I’m more at peace with where I am as a sissy cuckold than I’ve ever been.  A few minutes after quarterback’s text message came through my cheerleader sent me one.  “Goodnight baby.  Sweet dreams.  I hope you enjoyed tonight.  I know I did.”  Not sure exactly what to say, I replied, “Sweet dreams.  Yes.  Tonight was good.”  I would have never said anything to make her feel badly about what she did.  And I was happy for her.
The next day I went about my usual routine.  I woke up, showered, dressed in pretty lingerie, then donned my suit disguising from the world the sissy that lived within my male body, a male body I remind everyone that no one would ever mistake for a feminine creature.  That’s one of the paradoxes of being a sissy like me.  I am, inside, always a sissy, a feminine entity that thinks feminine thoughts and has feminine desires.  But, on the outside, to most of the world, I am the furthest thing from that.  And it may be that constant need for me to disguise the feminine creature that inhabits my psyche at all times that I am so content with how things in my private, at home life, have become.  At home I am free to be the sissy that I am.  My cheerleader and her men accept me, her quarterback apparently even more so, for the feminine and submissive person I am.  When I serve her men, never once do I think of myself as a man sucking another man’s cock.  To the contrary, I see myself as a woman sucking a man’s cock, and I think they see me that way too, to an extent.  It is so hard to explain this feeling.  I can only say I crave it, as much as my cheerleader needs her men.
That evening, when I got home, my cheerleader and her quarterback were home.  She was in the kitchen preparing dinner.  She greeted me with a soft and passionate kiss.  When we ended she hugged me and whispered in my ear, “I love you so much baby.  Thank you,” and that “thank you” conveyed everything to me.  “I love you too,” I said.  She then told me to go upstairs and change.  “I left an outfit on your bed.”  When I got upstairs I saw immediately what my evening might be like.  Lying on the bed was a red lace bra and matching garter belt, red stockings, matching high heels, my butt plug with my fluffy kitten tail attached, and a red lace collar.  I was going to be their kitten.  I showered and shaved closely everywhere.  I realized I was going to be on, ah, full display as a sissy in chastity, since there were no panties for me to wear.  I don’t know why it makes a difference to me, but I always feel different when my locked clitty is concealed within panties than those occasions when I am dressed so that all can see exactly what I am – a cage-controlled sissy.  After dressing I prepared myself for whatever would be expected of me and marched downstairs.
My cheerleader was still in the kitchen when I got downstairs.  She turned and smiled at me.  “Purrrr!” she growled.  “Don’t you look cute!”  I didn’t say anything.  I just turned beet red.  “Come here kitty,” she said.  I walked to her and she picked up a thin red leather leash off of the kitchen counter and clicked it onto my collar.  She smiled at me and then kissed me softly on my lips.  “Come kitty,” she said, and led me toward the den.  Quarterback was sitting on the couch in the den drinking a beer and watching a football bowl game that was on television.  I was feeling a bit anxious as I entered the den.  The last exchange we’d had was him telling me my wife was a great fuck, right after he’d made me watch her give him an amazing blowjob.  Now, here I was, standing in front of him on full nearly naked display wearing high heels, a sexy red lace bra stuffed with my largest breast forms, a kitten tail, and my chastity cage locked clitty dangling openly for all to understand that I was a sissy cuckold.
My cheerleader led me to him and handed him the leash.  She then sat next to him on the couch and cuddled up to him.  “I brought you your kitty baby,” she giggled.  “I see,” he answered.  “Hello kitten,” he greeted me.  I know I’ve said that I was comfortable with my role, but that doesn’t change how I felt in that moment – humiliated and small.  I’m not sure I’d ever felt more naked and exposed for what I was – their sissy.  Their kitten to play with.  I curtsied and said, “Hello.”  Quarterback smiled and said, “Down kitty.”  On his command, I sank to my knees before them.  Then, in a quiet, calming and interested tone, as if he really did want to know, he asked, “Are you okay kitten?”  I nodded.  “Yes sir,” I replied.  The two of them were smiling at me.  My cheerleader asked, “Would kitty like some cream?”  My first reaction to her question was confusion.  As I looked at her for understanding, I saw quarterback out of the corner of my eye rubbing his erection outlined in his trousers.  I glanced at him and he asked, still rubbing his erection, “Do you kitten?  Want some cream?”  I now understood.  I nodded.  “Yes sir,” I replied.
My cheerleader leaned over her quarterback and began unfastening his trousers.  She helped him pull them down to his ankles, revealing his fully hard, thick long cock bobbing in front of my face.  Then, holding it in her pretty hands, my cheerleader said in a sweet voice, “Here kitty.  Come and get it.”  I moved closer on my knees and licked quarterback’s cockhead.  Then I kissed it.  My cheerleader encouraged me.  “That’s a good kitty.  Earn your cream baby.  It’s all yours.”  For the next ten minutes my cheerleader fed me her quarterback’s cock.  She held him for me and encouraged me to suck him and to make him feel good.  I took him deep into my mouth.  I licked and sucked his balls.  All while she stroked him and masturbated him into my mouth.  I could feel it before it happened, as his cock began to pulse just before he erupted.  The first blast went into my mouth, but the next few were aimed at my face by my cheerleader as she jacked him off and made him cum all over my face.  Then, just as she had the night before herself, she rubbed his cum-covered cock all over my face.  Then, also as she had last night she said, “Look kitty.  He’s still hard.”  My cheerleader then stood and deftly shimmied her panties down and off.  Equally as deftly she swung a leg over her quarterback’s lap and straddled him, facing me.  Holding his cock in her hand she settled down onto him, me watching from inches away, only this time live and in person, as he spread her wet lips and penetrated her vagina.  My cheerleader proceeded to fuck her quarterback on the couch while she encouraged me to lick her and him as she rode his cock until he came again.  After he came inside of her, she lifted off of him and a river of sperm began drooling out of her, which I dutifully cleaned it up, from her, and off of him.  Kitten got her cream.
It was, without a doubt, an amazing moment for me, and I think, for them too.  All of us seemed to be in sync with each other.  The rest of the evening I served them as their sissy kitten.  I brought them dinner in the den and we all ate together.  There was no doubt that my cheerleader belonged to her quarterback, and that I belonged to them.  Later that night they went to bed together and I went to the guest room to sleep alone.  The next day quarterback left to return home.  The next evening was sweet and intimate between me and my cheerleader.  She was so happy and I knew it was the result of her amazing week with her quarterback, so I was happy too. 
I hope everyone is able to understand where I am now.  I know I haven’t posted much lately.  The holidays have been a bit crazy, and yes, there is more to report on my sissy journey.  But I hope to do so sooner, rather than later.  In fact, I’m already receiving not too subtle hints that I need to write about the Christmas presents quarterback gave to my cheerleader and me.


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    1. Grazie mille per la vostra bella pensieri dolce ragazza.



  2. Leeanne, I've missed you during your absences but I understand how life can get hectic!!!
    It's funny....I never think of myself as a male when I'm sucking a cock....I'm not a girl either but I definitely don't consider myself a male!!!
    If I'm dressed but not wearing panties, if my chastity is on display....that's when I feel the most naked!!!
    I like to think that you three have found a balance in your relationship and I hope it works for you....all of you!!!
    Remember you have me and others who love you and support you!!!
    Love and kisses

    1. Dearest Kaaren,

      I can always count on you girlfriend. You have been there with me through thick and thin. Likewise, if you ever need anything, I hope you know I am here for you.



  3. Hello Leeanne,

    Yes, I knew that gentle kiss in the kitchen was a tuning point for all of you. Enjoy its rewards.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

    1. Dear fifi,

      I think so too. Thank you sweetie.



  4. Hi Leeanne darling,
    Lovely blog as always. I admit I do still worry when we have not heard from you for some time, and I do still have fears about Tom.

    However all seems great - you all have your roles and all 3 of you seem happy. It is good that Tom's visits are not too regular so you and cheerleader can enjoy your (slightly unusual) marriage. I'm pleased cheerleader makes great effort to reassure you when Tom's around, and when hes gone she is extra loving !! You are still the love of her life, if not in the bedroom.
    Long may it continue for all of you.

    LOve always

    Tanya xxxx

  5. LeeAnne,

    It would seem everyone had a Merry Christmas, gifts and love included. I'm amazed how well the relationship is developing. The quarterback is Santa dispensing himself to the woman and sissy in his life. I am confident he will soon make the woman out of you that you desire and envision. Intercourse with him will cement your relationship with him and take it to a new level. Your cheerleader will be thrilled you can experience the quarterback as intimately as she does. Ring in the New Year! It's gonna be one to remember!


  6. To get a chrismas gift like this is very special and unique. It seems you have been a very naughty girl that Santa had this beautiful gift for you in stock and also for your Cheerleader and Quarterback.

    Wonder that your Cheerleader didn't pound you with a strap-on while the Quarterback is having a beer and you'll suck his cock like a good kitten do.

    Was that an idea for you? Oh, bad kitten, don't think about it, go on your knees to your Quarterback and beg for a good slap on your naughty butt.

    This was an order from
    Lady Sonja

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