Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We're Going To Mexico!

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Tonight, when I got home from work, my cheerleader told me it was time.  We had to decide.  I had, in a way, made up my mind.  I’d thought it over a hundred different ways, and even considered many of the thoughtful and concerned observations offered by readers of my blog who commented on the most recent post, Cheerleader and Sissy's Christmas Surprise, and then I’d come down to one deciding factor.  I knew I wasn’t going to deny my cheerleader a week in Mexico with her quarterback.  No matter what I decided, she was going and would, no doubt, have a great week with him.  The real question was, ‘What was I going to do?’  I decided that I was going to tell my cheerleader I needed to know just one thing.  Did she want to do it?  The way quarterback had presented it?  Both of us?  Him in complete control?  Our only commitment being to obey?  Did she want the two of us to commit to that for her quarterback?  
Her answer?  I wasn't completely prepared for it.  When I told her that I only wanted to know what she wanted, she told me it wasn't that simple for her.  She shared with me her own thoughts and concerns.  The number one thing she emphasized was that she did not want to do anything to jeopardize our special relationship that had only grown, in her opinion, stronger and stronger as she has learned to accept my need to be the sissy I have always longed to be, and likewise, as she has learned to accept more and more her enjoyment of being able to be a different woman with other men, including her quarterback, but even more than just him.  In other words, she really did care about me and how I felt about the unknown possibilities of agreeing to go on the trip on her quarterback's terms.  But then, she talked about those terms.  As it turned out, she had had discussions with him about his intentions, and she learned some things that made her think this trip might be good for us.  He told her that he did not want to do anything to harm anyone or to risk our secret being revealed.  He emphasized to her that he had gone to great lengths to make sure that anyone he included in helping with the trip was completely trustworthy and would only do what he asked them to do.  In other words, we were safe.  That meant a lot to my cheerleader, and to me.  Then, she told me what, ultimately, was a deciding factor.  She said that she was sure her quarterback had plans for me, as a sissy, for the trip - plans he thought I'd be glad I participated in, even if they were difficult for me in the moment.  She also said she was certain he had plans for her - to push her envelope some, so to speak, and that she was anxious about that, but also that she thought she wanted to see what it would be like.  Her bottom line to me was that she had been assured by her quarterback that we would be safe, protected from disclosure, and that she felt it was an opportunity for the two of us to experience another dimension in our marriage and the wife/sissy relationship we had grown and fostered over the past several years since I came out to her.  Then she said the thing that ended the discussion.  She told her quarterback she would not go without me, and he had accepted her decision.  After that, she turned the tables on me.  I had begun our discussion by asking her to tell me what she wanted, and that was going to be what I was going to do.  Now she asked me what I wanted to do.  My answer to her?  Yes.  Unqualified.  Yes.  Was it the right answer?  I suppose we may not know until after this trip.  But in the moment I knew it was the right answer.  My cheerleader was positively gleeful.
She called her quarterback right then and told him we were going.  I could tell from his voice on the phone that he was pleased.  He told her to hand the phone to me.  He said, “Good decision sissy.  This is going to be great!  Thank you.”  I said, “You’re welcome,” and handed the phone back to my cheerleader.  I thought then, ‘He thanked me.  He, thanked me!’  Wow!  This was something he really wanted.  And so, in a way, we had just given him a gift, even if we may not have known exactly what our gift to him would entail.  My cheerleader and her quarterback talked a few more minutes and then she hung up.  She immediately jumped at me and hugged me and kissed me, thanking me for agreeing to go.  She was sooo excited and I knew that there was no way I would be able to reconsider later, no matter how nervous I got about it.  We were going to Mexico.  The three of us.  Sissy.  Wife.  Ex-husband.  What a menage a trois!

P.S. I received a text message from quarterback late last night.  He told me how pleased he was that I had agreed to go on the trip and that he promised I would love it.  He also told me that he expected me to provide a daily chronicle of the trip and important days leading up to the trip.  So, lucky for everyone following my journey, you won't have to wait for updates.  Honest?  I'm very, very excited.


  1. Hi Leeanne,
    How exciting - the decision has been made !! Can't wait to read about your exploits !!

    As you know from my many comments over the last few years my concerns have always been for your welfare Leeanne and your relationship with Cheerleader. What pleased me so much about this decision was Cheerleader's concern for you, her reassurance and her total comittment to your marriage. She would not go without you - perfect.

    What most people do not realise about a marriage in general is that sex is only 1 aspect. Friendship/companionship/deep rooted love and respect/ and the desire to care for one another are all so important, and you and Cheerleader have built all those things up over many many years.

    I have total respect for you and Cheerleader - Cheerleader for allowing and accepting your need to be the Sissy you are, and you for giving her the freedom to enjoy sex with different men without jealousy and resentment. I actually envy what you have.

    This trip may bring you more than you think Leeanne.

    My love always

    Tanya xxxxx

  2. Wow i would love to be a fly on the wall for your trip. Wishing you all a great time and can't wait to read all about it.


  3. Dear Leeanne,

    What happens in Mexico doesn't always stay in Mexico. Trust and love crosses boarders, so, if everyone trust and loves one another pack your bags, and lotion; all kinds of lotion.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

  4. Sweet Leeanne
    Again, I am glad and sad with your decision.
    I am glad because we can feel your excitement of the unknown. I am glad because you are happy with your decision. I am glad you are enjoying your sissy journey and living it to the fullest. I am glad your CL offered to stay home if you did not want to go. That is a big glad.
    I am sad because I cannot crawl into your sissy head. But this may be an uninformed sad. Through your earlier journey up to the weekend on the yacht, you shared with us the intimacy and joy you shared with your CL when you are a couple. Without knowledge, I can only assume you may be sleeping in separate beds, your CL is no longer making your lunch and your joy in life on a day to day basis is as two individuals rather than as a couple. I for one miss the interaction with your CL you used to share when not entertaining other gentlemen.
    So again I wish you a fun month. Looking forward to see who is around on Valentine’s Day. And…. be careful with your stories to your sons. With everyone going to Mexico, will people start to suspect?

    Billie Cee

  5. Hi Leeanne!

    From your last couple of long blog updates I really sense a difference in you! But then again, I really sense a difference in your Cheerleader and her Quarterback as well. I'm not sure if CL is influencing him, but QB really seems to care about you and your emotional state. It seems that he and CL have really embraced your perception of yourself and continuously reinforce it. At the same time, I see a newfound emotional freedom in your posts. Almost like you've come out of your secrecy closet now that your CL and her QB know all about you.

    I think back to your blog post when you first learned that your Cheerleader discovered your blog and had a chance to digest it. I think it was one thing for her to be with you and to love you as a sissy, but I also think it's something completely different for her to read your completely unvarnished thoughts - "This is how Sissy REALLY feels... This is what Sissy's REALLY thinking..."

    Through what must have been a pretty angst-filled period for you, I get the feeling that your CL has really, truly, completely accepted not only your love for her, but that she has now completely, utterly, fully accepted who you are.

    I've found that it's one thing to TELL and SHOW your significant other who you really are, but it's something completely different for them to see it in what you've written that you never expected them to see.

    I'm truly happy for you and your Cheerleader. I hope you have a fantastic time in Mexico and confess I'm a bit jealous!



  6. The posts of your relationship with your cheerleader and quarterback are excessively interesting. I have always have great hopes of finding a new entry in this awesome situation you have. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Messico paese caldo ed accogliente pieno di fascino e calienti passioni !!! baci baci baci

  8. Great...this will be fun for you all/All! Going to Playa del Carmen? ~sara

  9. I'm glad to hear it really was a mutual decision and that she told him she wouldn't go without you. That is a very important signal to both you and Tom.

    I still think the three of you should sit down in a neutral place, with no expectations afterward other than he goes his way and you two go yours, to discuss some boundaries. I say this because it seems Tom is making assumptions about the relationship between you three that he is not entitled to make.

  10. Looking forward to hearing about your trip and the many adventures.