Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sissy Is Doing This

But She's Thinking This


  1. I love your blog Leeanne. Every one of your posts is top quality. <3

  2. Leeanne you could safely replace the top picture with a picture of just about anything else (driving a car, talking on a phone, walking, sleeping etc.)and the bottom picture would still be 100% accurate in my case!

    1. I daydream about sucking nice hard cocks all the time...I thought everyone else did too...
      And I much prefer to be called a cumslut thank you very much!

    2. Of course you are correct Sissy Kaaren. My humblest apologies if I offended you by referring to you as a cockslut as opposed to a cumslut.

      Sissy kisses,

    3. Oh Leeanne let me just stop and kiss you right now. Let me kiss you so you know that I didn't mean to sound bitchy!
      Let me kiss you so you know that I would never be bitchy to you!
      Let me kiss you so you know that you never, never ever, have to apologize to me!
      Let me kiss you so you know that you are the sissy I admire, kind of like my big sister!
      And I don't mean big in a bad way....omg I'm doing this all wrong....
      I just want to say that I meant that post to be funny and you know me by now...I'm a smart ass sometimes...
      You have credit to administer one spanking should the opportunity ever arise!
      Let me kiss you....that's it just let me kiss you!!!!

    4. Dear Kaaren,

      Let the apologies continue. I took your post as you being your usual cute funny sissy self and only meant to tease you in return. I'm so sorry if you thought I was chastising you. But speaking of being your big sister, you aren't the one who has been stealing my panties are you?

  3. I guess I'm being silly today but I was really afraid you were cross with me, must be my time of the month!!!! PMS - perfectly manic sissy - maybe?
    If I had any of your lovely panties, my sweets, I'd never give them up, they'd be in my treasure chest and that's a key that only i have!!!

  4. Mmmmmmh, yes sissy always thinks of that...

  5. I agree with Kaaren. It might as well be a guy digging a ditch or a picture if a rock or flower.

    I can't hel but love n desire cock, as well as desire to be controlled, owned or managed better by a Mistress n desires to become a full time escort rage thru my little sissy mind:)