Monday, September 9, 2013

When A Man Wants A Woman

He takes her
When A Woman Wants A Man
She Takes Him
When A Woman Wants A Sissy
She Takes Her
When A Sissy Wants A Woman
Well, A Sissy Doesn't Get To Make That Decision


  1. Great post Leanne and so, so true. Be interested to know how many readers of your blog are in a relationship with a woman in which it was the woman who made the first move? This was the case for Owner and i and i wonder if this is true for others of similar persuasion?


  2. I only thought I had that choice! My wife was actually making my choices for me long before I even realized it! Although it took some time, she knew from the day we met that I was destined to be hers!

  3. Kaaren,

    That is great to hear and I think many women would at least love to be the one to lead..... if not actually lead.

  4. "When a man wants a woman he takes her"
    That's not the definition of an alpha-male but rather the definition of a rapist.

    Do you have any idea how misogynist some of your posts sound to a woman's ear? I would never wish to be, or be thought of as, the sort of woman you so frequently depict: selfish, self-centered, uncaring, manipulative, controlling, cruel... and a rapist too ("When a woman wants a man/sissy she takes him/her").

    This is topping-from-the-bottom of the worst kind: you have created your own caricatures of women simply to feed your fantasies. Please give a thought to how a real woman might feel playing out the female roles in your epigrams.

    And this is from an active player in the BDSM scene.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Thank you for sharing your point of view. In case it is necessary, I emphasize that in no way, shape, or form do I mean to imply that rape is acceptable. It is, in my mind, the worst criminal assault man is capable of inflicting upon another person. As for depicting a woman's point of view, I admit my affliction as a male, compounded by being a sissy full of my own, as you say "feed my fantasy" imaginings, at not understanding a woman's feelings to the depth of their core. Nothing I create is intended with I'll will. On the other hand, my imagination is pretty much all I have to work with in creating my posts. I don't know that I can act counter to that. Nonetheless, I accept your admonition in a positive spirit and will at least try to be mindful not to offend.