Friday, January 10, 2014

Sissy Had Never Felt So Small. Or Weak.

Sissy had encouraged her wife for months to try, just once, black cock, to see if she liked it.  Now, the moment had arrived and Sissy found herself in the enviable position of fluffing her wife's first big, black cock.  As Sissy sucked on his enormous balls, the incredible weight of his heavy, thick cock bouncing upon her face, Sissy could tell that soon she would be cleaning a river of black seed out of his wife's soon to be well fucked pussy.


  1. Really Leeanne, just your knees with this in front of you! There's really only so much a sissy can do....but what you may lack in physical capacity I'm sure you'd make up for with enthusiasm!!!
    If you ever need help with one of these just give me a shout!!!
    Love and kisses

  2. Oh my Leeanne! I think I really would have to touch up my lipstick first!!!! lipstick kisses to you, jennifer

    1. Of course you would begin with fresh lipstick. However, it would soon be smudged and smeared as you feasted upon that marvelous specimen.