Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thinking About Saragirl And Emily (And Jeff)

Last week Saragirl (of Saragirl's Sissy Confessions) posted twice (New Year's Eve and So many to even untangle them?) about Emily's possible New Year's Eve plans with Jeff, an alpha man Emily works with.  I've been thinking of Sara, as well as Emily and Jeff, the past few days, wondering how things went - hoping Sara is happy with the outcome.


  1. You and me both, Leeanne. My wife has always made it a point to stay away from coworkers when it comes to sex.

  2. That makes three of us. I'm waiting to hear how it turned out.

  3. Unfortunately(nor for all of us though), that's where most affairs (and cuckolding) start!

    sissy terri

  4. I'm not sure you should expect an details about what occurred. Here is my observation.

    I don't know if SaraGirl is really in a relationship and being cuckold, or the blog is a continuation of his fantastic imagination and storytelling capabilities. But something happened at the end of the Evan posts. We got so much detail in the build up. But then, aside from a small homecoming post, there was nothing. We did not hear any of the details about her trip (which she surely would have used to excite him), or even anything about their own escapades since. Just a few posts about preparing to meet Jeff occasionally.

    So, there are a couple of possibilities to me. The first is that SaraGirl and Emily are very real and the cuckolding happened. And perhaps this is a case of "fantasy better than reality" ... once the cuckolding was out in the open, perhaps it lost a bit of it's excitement for him. There are a lot less posts with that as the theme than were made before the event.

    Or perhaps it is all fantasy. And at this point, Sara is unsure of how to progress things. If Emily is constantly cucking, then the events start to lose significance.

    Or, it all could be real, but Sara (or Emily) don't want to share the real personal things on his blog. He or they may have decided that fantasy and teasing around events are fine, but the details are not. Perhaps it is just material for future ebooks.

    In any event, since he did not post about Evan, I doubt we will hear much about Jeff, unless his mind changes in any of the scenarios above.

  5. As anonymous mentioned, you do have to take it all with a grain of salt depending upon which site it is. I mean, who am I to question Sara, when I am a 600+ year old witch that changes guys into women against their will and make captions about my exploits?

    However, my comments on the post are and continue to be my attitude about that situation. The co-worker thing could be an issue, but mostly I thought it was a dick move on Jeff's part, regardless of whether Sara was OK with it or not, and compounded by Emily's desire to do what Jeff wanted on that particular night.

    Sara's answer in the end made me sick to be honest. "Well, Jeff's an alpha male and who am I as a sissy to stop an asshole creep from fucking my wife on a major holiday known for love and camaraderie, reminiscing about the early days and hopes of good fortune for the future. Truthfully, none of that matters as long as she's having a good dicking!"

    After the hue and cry over the posts, I assume that Sara won't post about it and avoided it after her response to the blog comments. I think the whole thing goes beyond cuckolding and into indecency and a lack of respect for both Sara and Emily on Jeff's part.

    Which leads me to this question for Leeanne which may be part of a future installment but makes me beg the question now. What exactly is the vetting process for you and your wife in finding someone to cuckold you? Do you have some sort of checklist and boundaries as to what is acceptable and what sort of agreements are in place? I would think that as with any sort of "kink" that there would be limits set, paths that aren't to be followed, "time outs" to be called, and warning signs to be looked out for.

  6. Personally, I just think she has been busy. Maybe the thing with the guy at work didn't go as well as had been hoped. Maybe he was just an ***hole, we don't know. But I think it's worth waiting to hear about it.

  7. Wish Sara would share but also doubt it.

    LeeAnne, want to say a big "Thank You" for sharing your personal story with us. It makes your posts and writing much more real and vivid. Glad you are comfortable enough with who you are and your relationship to share with us. Btw, I first found you through the story you wrote (quite a long series!). Are you going to write any more fiction?

    God Bless.

  8. It's called tease and denial - something we should all be familiar with!
    Sissy Jenna