Thursday, September 13, 2012

Advanced Fluffing - Part One

I was the one who started it.  As it dawned on me that, as a sissy, I couldn’t provide to my wife the one thing all women need - a big, hard cock - I offered that I wouldn’t mind if, every now and then, she invited a male friend over to satisfy that need.  What I didn’t expect was her reaction.  At first, she seemed reluctant.  Then, finally, she acquiesced, but with a condition. I had to find the man, invite him over, and to then “fluff” him, as she called it. Reluctantly, because I love her, I agreed to her terms. So, I got up the nerve to invite our next door neighbor over to do the deed. He seemed more than willing to assist us.  Once I fluffed him up good, I had to help him stick his cock inside of her.  That’s when he grabbed me and forced my mouth to the junction where his cock entered her pussy.  
 My wife was stunned at first.  Now, though, she insists that I do it every time we invite a man over.  Which is also now often.

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