Friday, September 28, 2012

Losing My Virginity

Tonight is the night is what my wife told me.  
 Since she'd been fucking me with a strap-on every night for the past week, I had an inkling what she meant when she tied me to our bed like this before she went out to the bar with her sister.  They were going to find a suitable man to return with them to take my cherry.

Bed Service

Making the bed my wife and her boyfriend fucked all night in.
 He's spending the weekend, so I need to make sure the room stays neat.

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 87 - For JR Sissy

JR Sissy is a cute sissy who looks really nice in her French maid dress.   French maids make me really horny.  For cock.  Sissy cock.  Allow me to serve you tonight JR Sissy.
Now that is what I call exceptional maid service.  Don't you JR Sissy.  Thanks JR Sissy!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 86 - For Cindy Johnson

I've been waiting for this one.  Cindy Johnson is a sweet girl, with a beautiful blog.  But I imagine her clitty is even twice so.  
Mmmm.  So nice!  So very, very nice.  I can almost feel Cindy Getting ready to explode inside of my sissy mouth.  Thanks Cindy!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 85 - For Marissacd

Marissacd has a blog titled "Obsequious and Obscure."  There is nothing obsequious and obscure about the blowjob I'm giving to Marrissacd.
No.  This is pure cock worship!  Thanks Marissacd!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 84 - For Tinky Winky

I am loving sucking on Tinky Winky's pinky dinky.  Such a nice dinky!
Thanks Tinky Winky!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 83 - For Daisy

Daisy has a lovely cock!  I could suck it for hours.  But she also has some interesting YouTube videos, especially the one teaching how to fold panties.  Check it out!  I'm going to!  After I make Daisy cum in my sissy mouth.  Thanks Daisy!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 82 - For sissy joy

What a dear, sweet sissy name.  sissy joy!  So, so happy to be a sissy.
And so, so hard in the clitty!  Go ahead sissy joy.  It's okay to use my sissy mouth.  Promise me you'll shoot your cummies into my mouth?  Pretty please??  Thanks sissy joy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 81 - For mido

I don't know about mido, but I love squatting when I suck cock.  And mido has a lovely hard cock!  Thanks mido!!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 80 - For Sally P

And now, for Sally P, my famous acrobatic spinning from a cable blow job!
Thank you very much Sally P!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 79 - For Sissy Slut Coco

Ya know, there is something about some sissy names that say all you need to know.  With a name like Sissy Slut Coco, she is just begging a sissy like me to suck her clitty.  And so, I feel, I must oblige.  Don't twist my arm.  No!  Don't!  Okay!  I'll do it!  Giggle, giggle.
Slurp, slurp!  Thanks Sissy Slut Coco!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 78 - For Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas is a cute sissy girl with a very good blog.  I hope, after all you voyeurs watch me suck her clitty cock, that you'll stop by and visit her site.
Mmmm...Such a sweet, scrumptious sissy cock Lauren Thomas!  Thank you Lauren!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 77 - For Linda Barnes

Thank you very much for following my blog Linda.  I hope you enjoy my show of appreciation.
I can assure you that I appreciate it all.  And I do mean alllll!  Thanks Linda Barnes!

Beast of Burden

My new breasts are bigger than I realized they were going to be.  I am beginning to understand the burden women with large breasts carry through life.
 I think it is a burden I will be pleased to carry.

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 76 - For Corno da Suzy

Estoy tan feliz de estar chupando polla Como da Suzy. Muchas gracias Como da Suzy!
I am very happy to be sucking Como da Suzy's cock.  Thank you very much Como da Suzy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Promotion

My wife is on the verge of receiving a major promotion at her office.  She wants to make sure her boss gives her every consideration.  Tonight, she is meeting him for dinner to discuss her current situation.  Somehow, she has learned that he has a fetish for sweet little sissy girls, which is a turn of luck for my wife, as she sees it, since she feminized me within the first six months of our marriage.  Her plan is to bring her boss home after dinner under the ruse to introduce him to her husband.  However, she's hoping that her introduction of me to him, will be the final nail securing her promotion.  She thinks this because, when she introduces her husband, he'll be looking at me, dressed like this.
And after I'm introduced, I will curtsy and then promptly fall to my knees and begin unzipping his trousers and then....

Needless to say, my wife will get her promotion.

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 75 - For Nicky

Nicky my sweet girl, you have such a voluptuous ass.  I'm almost tempted to, well, you know.  But I promised you a blowjob, so I'll try to not allow myself to be distracted.  But, perhaps, some other time?
Wow!  Now that I've started, I think I could suck your cock all day.  Thanks Nicky!

My Fall To Grace - Chapter 19 - Just Posted

I've just posted on Fictionmania a new chapter to my story being shown there - My Fall To Grace - Chapter19
 Grace Andrews is a beautiful, confident, successful woman. She could have any man she wanted. She chose Dan Thompson, a successful Washington, D.C. attorney. This second story of mine, that will be released in installments, chronicles their relationship as it grows and flourishes, developing into something perhaps neither one could have envisioned the first night they met in a D.C. bar. In this episode, Grace and Dan's mother's meet each other as they celebrate their engagement.  I hope readers enjoy my effort. Readers Note: This is a long story.  I'll keep installments coming.  I love getting reader feedback.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 73 - For Ann

Hi Ann.  I love your tumblr blog dear.  In fact, I chose your blowjob from there especially for you, so I'll know that you like it, since you kind of picked it out yourself.
Thank you Ann!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 72 - For Tanya Alby

I love Tanya Alby's pink hair.  And I am going to love sucking her clitty!
Thank you Tanya Alby!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 71 - For Chaste Hubby

I know that your name, Chaste Hubby, suggests that you go without sex.  But really, even a sissy needs to have her clitty pleasured every now and then.  So I hope you will submit to my need to suck your clitty cock my dear Chaste Hubby.  In fact, I'm inviting a friend, Sissy Sarah Jayne, to help me out.
Thank you Chaste Hubby!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 70 - For Pakito

Mmmm..Pakito!  Are you a sweet sissy tranny girl?  Are you ready for a nice sissy blowjob?  Are you ready to fill my sissy mouth with your sissy girl cream?  I can barely wait.
Mmmm.  such delicious sissy cream.  Thank you Pakito!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 69 - For Straight Loads

After visiting your blog, I am really, really in the mood to suck cock.  Big, hard, juicy manly cock!  Fuck my face good Straight Loads!
Oh Fuck!  Yes!  Your cock is so big Straight Loads!  So!  Fucking!  Big!  Thank you Straight Loads!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 68 - For Marinagrandi

Ciao Marinagrandi!  I am happy to be able to suck your clitty cock.  I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you Marina!!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 67 - For Caitlyn Masked

Caitlyn's Mask is one of my favorite blogs.  She does some of the most interesting and thoughtful captions.  And I love how she discusses her process with each one.  But do you know what I really love?  I love that picture of her in her mask.  She is so mysteriously beautiful.  And I hope you can guess what it does to me.  It makes me horny.  For cock.  For Caitlyn's cock.
 Interesting that Caitlyn recently changed her blog entry photo.  A sissy sucking cock?  And I hope she appreciates that I'm giving her a blowjob disguised as Leeanne Masked, in her honor.  Thanks Caitlyn!!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 66 - For Mistress Simone

Dear Mistress Simone:  You are so pretty.  I look at you and think how wonderful it would be to submit to your desires.  I hope they include letting me pleasure your clitty cock, because that is what this post is about - you - and my sissy lips pleasing your clitty.  Enjoy!
Thank you Mistress Simone!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 65 - For janet

Wow janet!  You have a really big clitty cock!  I love the way it fills my sissy mouth.  I hope you have a big load of sperm for me.  Thanks janet!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 64 - For Kathyann

Kathyann, Kathyann!  Such a wonderfully, delicious clitty honey.  And don't you love my beautiful sissy titties?  I do.  Thanks Kathyann!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 63 - For kathyann026ts

I couldn't even begin to take your entire clitty kathyann if I wasn't down here like this.  Now go on honey, slide it all of the way down my sissy throat.  Thanks kathyann!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 62 - For Bridget Honeysett

Oh my!  That was a huge load Bridgett Honeysett!  So much cum!  Thanks Bridget!!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 61 - For bf99

Dear, dear bf99.  I could worship this cock of yours all day!  Thank you bf99!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I thought it was a bit unnecessary.  Going topless.  But my wife insisted that her boss would appreciate her openness. 
  I just thought how embarrassing it was for my wife to be topless, while I served them dressed only in panties and bra.  But she was correct.  Her boss was quite taken by the presentation. 

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 60 - For K

So delicious!  Love your sperm K.  Thank you so much!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 59 - For maid diane

I hope Mistress Cassie doesn't disapprove of my forwardness maid diane.  But you are entitled, and I really want to give you a blowjob.  So, hopefully with Mistress Cassie's blessing, here goes.
Mmm.  Very nice clitty maid diane.  Thank you!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 58 - For Sarah Jayne

I've been looking forward to this blowjob.  Ever since I began my blog, there has been this sweet, sweet sissy named Sarah Jayne, whose name I love, and whose sissiness I love even more.  She's been very nice to me, so I'm going to really enjoy sucking her sissy clit until she cums in my sissy mouth.
Oh Sarah Jayne!  I love your clitty cock!  So, so much!  Thanks Sarah Jayne!!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 57 - For daihka

daihka?  I think someone is watching me suck your cock.  Is it a friend of yours?  Tell him I'll gladly suck his too.  But first he has to begin following my blog!  LOL.  Thanks daihka!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 56 - For Orcinus

Orcinus fantasizes about being turned into a woman.  But is he a sissy?  Like me?  And will he enjoy my hot sissy blowjob?  I hope so.  But no matter.  I will enjoy sucking him off.
Oh Orcinus!  The way you're rubbing my sissy clitty!  That feels so good!  Please!  Cum in my mouth Orcinus!  Please!!  Oh God!  Thanks Orcinus!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 55 - For Sissy Desire

Mmmm.  Sissy Desire!  I love your smooth, wet clitty cock.  Love your cream on my lip!  Thanks Sissy Desire!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 54 - For SissySlut Akira

You know, sometimes it seems redundant for a sissy to go by a name such as, SissySlut X.  I mean, sissies are, by their very nature, slutty, it seems to me.  But, whatever, here's your blowjob SissySlut Akira.  Enjoy!  And thank you!!
 Slutty enough for you?

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 53 - For Andii

What are you waiting for Andii?  Cum in my sissy mouth.  I'm ready!  Thanks Andii!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 52 - For 30 something Goddess and Her sissy

I've often heard it said, that fair is fair.  How do you define that?  Who decides?  Well, it's one of those phrases that really is very simple.  So, for example, such as here, when the follower is a couple, known as a "30 something Goddess and Her sissy," it seems that each should receive an appreciation blowjob, both literally, figuratively, and virtually.  So, here goes.
A sissy creampie sucking for the Goddess

And a nice, wet blowjob for the sissy.
Thanks 30 something Goddess and Her sissy!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 51 - For Sara (Not To Be Confused With Saragirl)

Well sissies, guys and dolls, I'm halfway through my Sissy Appreciation Blowjobs!  I hope everyone who has already received a blowjob has enjoyed getting as much as I have enjoyed giving.  There have been some really amazing clitties and cocks along the way.  And now I'm ready to turn the corner and head down the home stretch.  And next in line, in my really long sissy blowjob train, is Sara!  So, get ready Sara, I'm going down on you hon!
Mmmm.  So, so nice!  Thanks Sara!

My Fall To Grace - Chapter 18 - Just Posted

I've just posted on Fictionmania a new chapter to my story being shown there - My Fall To Grace - Chapter18
  Grace Andrews is a beautiful, confident, successful woman. She could have any man she wanted. She chose Dan Thompson, a successful Washington, D.C. attorney. This second story of mine, that will be released in installments, chronicles their relationship as it grows and flourishes, developing into something perhaps neither one could have envisioned the first night they met in a D.C. bar. In this episode, Grace and Dan's mother's meet each other as they celebrate their engagement.  I hope readers enjoy my effort. Readers Note: This is a long story.  I'll keep installments coming.  I love getting reader feedback.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 50 - For SarahStClaire

Your clitty cock feels really good against my lips SarahStClaire.  Thank you for letting me suck it.  I love it!  Thank you SarahStClaire!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 49 - For mfarquad

Mmmm.  mfarquad!  Very nice!  Very nice indeed!  Thanks mfarquad.

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 48 - For Teresa Bowers

Um...I'm going to make a confession here.  I'm a bit afraid of this blowjob.  Being in the presence of such a dominant and amazing woman who surely knows I am a complete sissy.  Mistress Teresa Bowers has spoken to me many times through her awesome sissy audios.  And yet, I approach my submission to her with a joyous anticipation.  I hope she appreciates my sissy offering in her honor.
How's this for complete sissy submission?  Yes!  All of the way in Miss Bowers.  Use my sissy mouth!  Thank you Miss Bowers!

Sissy Appreciation Blowjob # 47 - For sissyjacqui

I've often wondered sissyjacqui, whether you are the sissyjacqui who has such an outstanding Tumblr page.  I think you might be.  But no matter, you're one of my followers, and that is reason enough for me give you a really good blowjob.
Oh my!  sissyjacqui!  You've cum all over my titties!  I kind of like that.  Except that I prefer it in my sissy mouth.  Thanks sissyjacqui!