Thursday, March 28, 2013


My wife is getting dressed to go on a dinner date with a man from her office.
We share these moments together.  She knows I like to watch her when she is getting dressed.  She always takes so much time.  It's as if she wants to look perfect before she meets her date.  And as for me, watching her is as exciting as it is when I clean her pussy at the end of the night, or when, on those occasions when she wants it, I fluff her lover for her.  I've often wondered why I get so turned on simply from watching my wife dress for a man.  I see her in her most intimate outfits all of the time.  So why is this so erotically charged for me?  I think I know the answer.  While I am watching my beautiful, sexy wife dress, she is already in the bed with her lover, in her mind.  She may be getting dressed.  But what she is thinking about is this.
She may be letting me watch her dress.  But even then, her man is inside of her head.  And I know this.

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