Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sissy Saragirl Is A Cuckold!

This has been a big weekend for Saragirl, author of the blog, "Saragirl's Sissy Confessions."  Her wife, with Sara's blessing, has gone to spend the weekend with a man named Evan.  Evan and Emily have had a thing for a while.  Sara has openly shared with her readers the relationship that Emily and Evan have, including how Emily teases Sara about him.  So far, nothing has happened between Emily and Evan, primarily because Emily wouldn't let it go that far, and Evan has respected Emily and her relationship with Sara.  That is, until last night, when Sara received a text message from Emily.  Uh huh!  Emily and Evan fucked!  Finally!  And Emily loved it!  And to make matters even more difficult for Sara, Emily has her locked in chastity and the only spare key is with Sara's sister-in-law.  And to make matters even more intense, Emily isn't returning home to Sara until Tuesday.  That means two more nights and and days for Emily and Evan to fuck as much as they want to.  And now that the line has been crossed, and Sara is officially a cuckold, there is no reason to expect they won't fuck a lot over the next few days.  Now, Sara must wait for Emily to return home to her on Tuesday, and she is hoping that Emily will let Evan fuck her one last time before she leaves and bring home a creampie for Sara to enjoy as she puts her mouth where Evan's cock has been all weekend.  This is the scene I imagine upon Emily's return.

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