Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sissy Delivery Service - 'Pleasing You' Is Our Motto

The new business around town was the brain child of my wife and her friends.  A year ago the guys in my poker group went to Las Vegas.  While there, we got a little crazy and ended up with some hookers.  It seems that not everything that "happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," because one of our wives' girlfriends was there and took a cell phone photo of us out with the hookers and texted it to them.  The next thing we know after we returned home, our wives began systematically feminizing us as punishment.  Then, we all lost our jobs.  That's when my wife had the great idea to start a new business, run by our wives, and staffed by us.  It turns out a delivery service with this unique twist appeals to a lot of clients.  Business is booming and we're all getting better at walking in heels!  And the catcalls are not nearly as bad as we thought they would be.  It's like my wife says, "Boys will be boys.  Unless they're sissies."