Friday, March 22, 2013

Saragirl, Emily & Evan

Saragirl has been building her readers up for a trip her wife, Emily, is taking this weekend to visit her "friend," Evan.  The anticipation has mounted as Emily enlisted Sara to assist her in selecting the "perfect" lingerie to wear while lounging with Evan each of the nights of Emily's visit.  Sara selected the most sexy babydoll and stockings for Emily to wear on Saturday night, the night most likely to be the night Emily and Evan do it, "if it is going to happen," as Sara puts it.
 But here is how I see it happening.  Emily has been teasing Sara with Evan for so long.  She knows Sara likes to be teased.  But Evan is a different story.  He respects Emily.  But he is a man.  And sooner or later, the teasing will cause him to reach a boiling point.  Friday night, the night Emily arrives, will be difficult for him as he sees Emily in her cute Victoria Secret cotton pajamas, still very sexy.  Then, after spending a wonderful day together on Saturday, Evan will take Emily to a very nice restaurant for dinner.  Unsure what to expect from Emily when they return to Evan's place, I see him taking matters into his own hands.  Emily may eventually end up in the babydoll and stockings Sara chose for her to wear, but only after Evan finally has his way with her.
 Read about Sara helping Emily pack for her trip here: Packing

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