Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seriously Sissy?

"And just why do you think I'd let you touch these?  Do you think it would lead to something else?  You know where you belong.  On your knees and clean me up.  That's a good girl."

Friday, March 29, 2013

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 113 - For s. clare

Mmmmm.  s. clare has a cute ass, don't you think?  I sure do!  Makes me hot!  Makes me want to take them off and find out what's hidden inside.  Like this!
 Delicious!  Thanks s. clare!

I Can't Stop Touching Myself

As a little boy, I discovered the joy of masturbating quite young.  Now, after being feminized by my wife, I still am drawn to the pleasures of touching myself.  I can't leave my new breasts alone, and it adds to the eroticism when I rub my little sissy clit while I massage them.

Which One Is The Sissy?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 112 - For Rambler

I so love it when I'm followed by a guy.  It just gets me all tingly to think I might be a turn on to a man who can take me like a sissy fantasizes.
Oh Rambler!  That!  Feels!  Soooo!  Gooood!  Thank you!

The Mask Is Off

Once you are before him like this, there is no more need to conceal your identity.



My wife is getting dressed to go on a dinner date with a man from her office.
We share these moments together.  She knows I like to watch her when she is getting dressed.  She always takes so much time.  It's as if she wants to look perfect before she meets her date.  And as for me, watching her is as exciting as it is when I clean her pussy at the end of the night, or when, on those occasions when she wants it, I fluff her lover for her.  I've often wondered why I get so turned on simply from watching my wife dress for a man.  I see her in her most intimate outfits all of the time.  So why is this so erotically charged for me?  I think I know the answer.  While I am watching my beautiful, sexy wife dress, she is already in the bed with her lover, in her mind.  She may be getting dressed.  But what she is thinking about is this.
She may be letting me watch her dress.  But even then, her man is inside of her head.  And I know this.

Love This Move

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Your Wife Likes Men In Heels

The Gown

I stood behind my wife, watching her examine closely the gown she'd chosen to wear tonight.  An old high school flame in town for business was coming over for dinner, and she had told me her intentions were for him to spend the night.  That much I understood.  More difficult for me was her decision to wear my favorite gown, the one she'd given to me to wear on our wedding night.

Pouting For Miss Sharon

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Miss Sharon teased me.  "What's the matter Leeanne?  Do you want to taste my pussy, which you know I won't permit you to do.  Or are you simply jealous of my outfit?"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Important Moments In A Sissy's Life

There are many important moments in the life of every sissy.  The moment a sissy discovers his mother's panty drawer.
 The first time a sissy is caught dressing in his wife's clothes.
 When she finds a woman who accepts her as a sissy, and takes her under her wing.
 The first time she sucks a dildo.
 The first time her wife takes her pussy.
  But of all of these moments, the two that will ultimately be the most defining moments for any sissy, is the first time her wife is fucked by a man.
 And when, after her wife has made the sissy a cuckold, the moment when she cleans the sperm of a man out of her wife's pussy.   
 Once these two events have occurred, the life of the sissy and her wife are changed, for the better, forever.  And it won't be long before the sissy tastes her first cock, as she participates in her wife's sex with men.
  This post is dedicated to all sissies who know what I mean, and was inspired by Saragirl, whose wife, Emily, officially made Sara a cuckold sissy this weekend.

Think This Sissy Is Ready To Lose Her Cherry?

And I'm not talking about the one in her mouth.

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 111 - For Chrissie Goerl

 Chrissie Goerl is one of my Sissy Followers on Google.  A very femmy sissy.  So, for my show of appreciation, I'm thinking something like this:
Thanks Chrissie!  By the way, that's you on the bottom.

Grooming Her

Miss Sharon was going on a date tonight with one of her many girlfriends.  And while I was otherwise not permitted to touch Miss Sharon in an intimate manner, when it came to preparing her for her lovers, there was no detail that was too small for me to attend to.

The Last Remnant

It almost seemed silly that I was hanging on to this last remnant of my manhood.  My wife had, for all outward appearances, completely feminized me.  Why I wouldn't relent and allow her to schedule an appointment for electrolysis, I could not explain.

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?
Actually, I'd say perfectly sissy.  Still.  That is what Saragirl's new fashion blog is.  And you can check it out by following this link:  The Fashionable
It is really quite awesome, and like everything she does, any sissy (and lots of girls) will love it.

Which One Is The Sissy?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Three Way

When we were first married, I hinted to my wife that I would like to do a three way.  She never seemed too keen on the idea.  Then, she began to feminize me.  I was a bit surprised then when she told me that she'd been thinking of my suggestion to have a three way, and that she'd decided it would be fun.
However, this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I'd suggested it.  My wife, on the other hand, was looking forward to it.

Lick Me Leeanne

I was in perfect position, just like my wife wanted me to be.  Her lover had fucked her hard and now, upon withdrawing his cock, his sperm was already leaking from her pussy.  Now her attention was upon me and my mouth.  I would not disappoint her.

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 109 - For Sylvia S

Sylvia S looks really enticing from behind.  Don't you think?  I hope she likes what I've decided to do for her as a token of my appreciation.
 That's right Sylvia S.  I'm looking at you.  Thanks sweetie!
Check out Silvia's blog, Sissy Fashion Tips.

Last Night

Just in case anyone is wondering, last night was pretty awesome.  Long, tender lovemaking, with me doing most of the pleasing.  The way my wife likes it.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

And By The Way...

I'm so amped up over Saragirl's weekend that my wife is going to be a beneficiary.  I definitely have plans to be in this position for a long time tonight.

Sissy Saragirl Is A Cuckold!

This has been a big weekend for Saragirl, author of the blog, "Saragirl's Sissy Confessions."  Her wife, with Sara's blessing, has gone to spend the weekend with a man named Evan.  Evan and Emily have had a thing for a while.  Sara has openly shared with her readers the relationship that Emily and Evan have, including how Emily teases Sara about him.  So far, nothing has happened between Emily and Evan, primarily because Emily wouldn't let it go that far, and Evan has respected Emily and her relationship with Sara.  That is, until last night, when Sara received a text message from Emily.  Uh huh!  Emily and Evan fucked!  Finally!  And Emily loved it!  And to make matters even more difficult for Sara, Emily has her locked in chastity and the only spare key is with Sara's sister-in-law.  And to make matters even more intense, Emily isn't returning home to Sara until Tuesday.  That means two more nights and and days for Emily and Evan to fuck as much as they want to.  And now that the line has been crossed, and Sara is officially a cuckold, there is no reason to expect they won't fuck a lot over the next few days.  Now, Sara must wait for Emily to return home to her on Tuesday, and she is hoping that Emily will let Evan fuck her one last time before she leaves and bring home a creampie for Sara to enjoy as she puts her mouth where Evan's cock has been all weekend.  This is the scene I imagine upon Emily's return.

Too Sissy?

Or not sissy enough?

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 110 - For Sissy (A Different Sissy)

So this is another Sissy.  I love her photo.  So sexy!  It makes me so hot.  So hot!  And it just makes me want to do nasty things to Sissy.  Things like
  Thank you Sissy!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sissy Appreciation Sex # 108 - For Sissy Marlina

 Sissy Marlina says she has always been a sissy at heart.  Haven't we all Sissy Marlina?  Haven't we all!
Thanks for following me Sissy Marlina!