Friday, November 2, 2012

The Aftermath

I don't know what tormented me the most.  The fact that my wife lay before me, exposing her recently fucked pussy to me, a thick rivulet of black stud sperm drooling down her crack.  Or that she made me watch and wait while she described to me how her stud fucked her.  How long he fucked her.  How many times he fucked her.  How many times he filled her with massive deposits of black baby making semen.  My tiny penis was pounding to escape it's plexiglass cockcage prison, but to no avail.  My wife had no intention of unlocking my chastity cage.  So all I could do was salivate as I waited for her to allow me suck her pussy clean.


  1. Damn that's beautiful.

  2. Good Lord that would drive me crazy! i often imagine my Wife talking to me like that while i clean her, but now i also like the idea of Her driving me crazy first before i beg to feast on her sweet creampie. The advantages of letting me clean while she talks is that She would know immediately know which details drive me the most.