Monday, February 20, 2017

First Full Day in Mexico - Day Two

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Our first full day in Mexico was interesting  For the most part, we lounged around and tried to catch up from jet lag on our first day of travel.  I have already become quite comfortable with the attention of Mercedes.  And likewise, I think she has taken a special liking to me.  She is a sweet and very pretty Hispanic woman.  In addition, she seems well attuned to what is going on between me, my cheerleader and her quarterback.  At first I wasn’t certain that she knew our actual relationships, but in talking today I learned that she knew my cheerleader and I were married and that I’m her sissy cuckold to her and ex.  She told me as she helped me with makeup this morning that she thinks it is sweet that I love her so much that I permit her to be so free with a real man.
Quarterback and my cheerleader slept in on Sunday.  Mercedes helped me with makeup and then told me that I was to wear my babydoll that I’d slept in to breakfast.  Without panties.  Which meant my chastity-caged clitty was on display.  When my cheerleader and her quarterback came to breakfast, he was wearing gym shorts and a tank top, while she wore only a sheer red negligee robe that hung open and nothing else.  In fact, she wore that all day.  The week was off to an interesting start if Sunday was any indication.  Quarterback and cheerleader joined me at a table by the pool while Mercedes and Maria brought us coffee and breakfast.  My cheerleader was all over her quarterback, and he made himself comfortable fondling her wherever he wanted.  Within the first ten minutes of us sitting there he had her on her knees sucking his cock in front of me.  When he finally came in her mouth, she came over to me and kissed me, sharing her mouthful of his cum with me.  It was an embarrassing scene, and I understood that anything could happen the rest of the week.
After breakfast we went back to our rooms to dress for the day, although “dressing” was a relative term, as it turned out, for my cheerleader.  When I saw her after Mercedes helped me get dressed, she was wearing a tiny red thong bikini that barely covered her pussy and highlighted her smoothly shaved cameltoe, and a top that simply added colored highlights to her full breasts.  I, on the other hand, was another thing altogether.  I wore a pretty flowered full-bottomed bikini and matching full-cup top that held my large breast forms nicely.  I also wore a pair of pink six-inch open toe high heel sandals and my pink wig, and a pair of clip on hoop earrings.  I felt so feminine and sissy in my bathing suit and loved being able to openly dress that way in front of everyone.  Mercedes told me she thought I looked very pretty, for a boy.
For the rest of the day we laid around by the pool, and during the day my cheerleader was devoted to satisfying her quarterback’s every sexual desire, while I, more or less, observed.  My job was to clean them off whenever they fucked, which was frequently.  For most of the day my cheerleader was naked as her quarterback feasted on her.  She seemed different to me as I watched her submitting to him.  And as for me, I began to feel comfortable being an observer of their relationship with each other.  I wondered if this was what it was like for them when I was not around, like when she would visit our hometown without me and see him then.
As evening rolled around, we all retired to our rooms to shower and get ready for dinner on the veranda by the pool.  Mercedes helped me shave all over and then helped me dress in a pretty light blue sundress with matching heels.  I wore a pretty light blue matching French cut lace bikini panties and bra underneath.  She made up my face to look very soft and pretty, and I again wore my pink wig.  My cheerleader wore a very tight, and very short, black sheath dress, under which I could tell she wore no bra.  She looked radiant as she sat for dinner.  Quarterback also looked handsome wearing a pair of black Bermuda shorts and a tight black t-shirt that highlighted his excellent physical build.  My cheerleader and he made quite the lovely couple.
During dinner quarterback asked how I was doing so far.  He wanted to know if I liked Mercedes.  I assured him that I was doing fine, and that Mercedes was treating me well.  He seemed happy to hear that and then told me he had plans for us to go out the next night together, the three of us, and asked if I was okay with doing that.  By him asking, I suspected he meant that I would be dressed in a feminine manner.  But to be clear, I asked what I would wear.  He smiled and said, “I don’t know for sure, but it will be a dress, if that is what you are asking.  So?”  I looked at my cheerleader and she nodded to me.  Then I said, “Okay.  I think I can do that.”  He smiled and said, “Good girl.”
We passed a quiet evening enjoying the view of the ocean and relaxing until quarterback and cheerleader excused themselves to their bedroom.  I stayed up for a while, but then turned in alone.


  1. If the first day was more like getting hit by a brick between the eyes, this was much more subtle. Almost calm by comparison as you settle into your various roles. But is there something you're NOT telling us (yet) about Mercedes? She seems very nice, and certainly very understanding... Almost TOO understanding... From your recounting of everything, it really sounds like you're having a great time, Leeanne! More of the same for you for the remainder of your vacation. I truly hope so in any case.


  2. Dear Leeanne
    So, So beautiful. I love how you seem to be bonding with Mercedes. She accepts you as a sissy! Mmmmmmm good.
    Luv U

  3. storie meravigliose piene di erotismo e caldissima passione e sensualità baci baci baci ...foto illustrative splendide !!

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