Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sissy Confessions - Day Four in Mexico

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Obviously, I have fallen behind in my daily reporting, and as I mentioned yesterday, quarterback is not happy about it.  On the other hand, I think he also understands that I was, well, quite a bit preoccupied on our third day in Mexico.  What a day!  What a night!  However, he is pleased with how well I told about Day Three, especially my hook-up with Victor.  As for Day Four, well, I think everyone knows I spent a lot of Day Four writing about Day Three, and that was just as well because quarterback and cheerleader went off together for most of Day Four.  I don’t know all that they did, but mostly I heard they went sightseeing and had lunch and, then dinner, down by the ocean.
As for me, I remained at the villa alone, other than Mercedes and Maria being there.   Mercedes helped me dress in the morning.  I wore a cute tennis dress with three-inch high heels, which was quite a relief from the higher heels I’d been wearing.  It was back to my pink wig and, she even had me wear my pink collar that read “Sissy” on it, although without the leash.  But yes, I did wear my kitten tail.  The tennis panties had a slit in the rear.  The only difference was that she had a larger butt plug for me to wear to attach my tail to.  It was the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0, quite a bit large than my medium plug.  And while I was a bit nervous at first, after Mercedes lubricated it, the plug slid inside of me quite easily.  Once inside, I found that I liked the more full feeling it provided.  I asked her why the larger plug, but Mercedes only smiled and said, “Some things only Senor Tom knows why.  I just do as I’m told.  And,” she added, “So shall you Sissy.”  She then asked if my evening at the club was nice.  I must have blushed a deep red when the memory of it flooded my brain.  Mercedes said, “Oh!  That good?”  I smiled.  She was so sweet.  “Yes.  That good.  Thank you for making me look so, well, feminine Mercedes.”  She smiled.  “It is my pleasure Sissy.  You are very sweet.  And your wife is a lucky woman.”  “Thank you Mercedes,” I replied.  “I think you are right.  But I’m the lucky one.  Truly.”
I joined quarterback and my cheerleader on the veranda for coffee and breakfast.  My cheerleader was dressed to go out for the day, wearing a pretty yellow, sheer sundress.  So sheer that beneath it I could see she was wearing a pair of light blue panties, but no bra.  My cheerleader stood and kissed me when I walked up.  “Good morning baby,” she cooed.  “Did you sleep well?”  I told her, “So-so.  I still haven’t gotten my sleeping clock reset.”  “Mmmm.  Sorry baby.”  Quarterback then said, “Good morning Sissy.  How’s our little cocksucker?”  I know!  While it is obviously and, technically, true, it did hurt a little when he said it out loud like that.  I was thrown a bit by him saying it.  I answered, quietly, “I’m fine.”  He smiled.  Then, as if seeing he hurt my feelings, said, “I’m sorry Sissy.  But, you did enjoy it, right?”  I had to admit it.  “Yes.  I did.  And thank you.”  So, there it was.  Settled.  I was a cocksucker.  And the evening the night before is a memory I will always cherish.  Being dressed so femininely.  Being out in public like that, even if a private club and controlled as it was, it was an event that I will never forget.  And I was grateful to quarterback for making it happen for me.
Shortly after breakfast the driver took them into town and I was left to write about Day Three and, otherwise, relax around the villa.  They did not return until after dinner, and didn’t stay up long before going to bed.  Mercedes had laid out a lovely pink nightgown for me to sleep in.  I went to bed and lay there listening.  The sound of the ocean was peaceful.  But mostly, I listened to the sounds of my cheerleader being made love to by her quarterback.  Sometimes, in moments like those, I felt very alone and isolated from her.  But, she always did something to make me realize that I was hers, and that she would always love me, no matter what.  And besides, I could never have taken from her what she was getting from her men, especially her quarterback. 


  1. Day three tells me that the rabbit hole is getting a LOT deeper! But I'm glad with this post that you had some time to just catch your breath! I hope that you enjoyed the time to just recover and think about how lucky you are that QB is as understanding as he is. And especially... Oh especially... your beautiful Cheerleader. You're so lucky, Leeanne! Of course, it seems that on this (short) vacation everyone's real needs are being completely fulfilled. ENJOY... EXPERIENCE... Be as completely happy as you sound in your posts...

  2. Day four includes a recovery period from the highlights and excitements of day three. But still it is so special that you are immersed 24/7 in full sissy and submissive modes. With that level of consistency and semi-public reality there must be changes that are taking place inside yourself that are profound, wonderful, and indelible that will only be recognized later on. A full week! How special. Enough time for lots of things to make their way into every pore of your body and soul. I know for me I consciously desire and embrace every step, however small, in my own feminization and submission, viewing it as a proces of self improvement and discovery, loving the emergence of the feminine sissy that lives inside. If only two weeks were on the agenda! Perhaps the next time. I wish you the best and your cheerleader and quarteback the same.

    1. Dear Susan,

      You have so hit the nail on the head sweetie. That is virtually exactly how I feel. These past few days have been more than I ever imagined. And quarterback? I know he has his critics. But for what he has created in this vacation, I think I may be in love. LOL. He has been so sweet and has helped me, really both me and my cheerleader, take such strides. I can't even imagine what the future may hold. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.



    2. Leeanne, I'm a new follower to your blog. Thanks terri! But WOW, what a journey!

      As background I read your post on CL's "reunion" with her ex and, while the sex was hot, I didn't really warm up to QB.

      Your recounting of this trip and the detail and thought that was required to put is together is amazing. Kudos to you -- really you are a special sissy -- and to your wife but I'm very impressed with QB's performance in creating this and think he must have become a very special person in your life to do this for each and for all of you.

      Best wishes